Mars Springs Course

Mars Springs 2018 will be played at the disc golf course in the city of Varaždinske Toplice. This permanent course consists of 18 holes where 15 have both long (blue) tee and short (yellow) tee, while 3 have just long (blue) tees. Tournament will be played from the long blue tee on all 18 holes. Most of the holes are shorter then 100 m and ask for a good skills from players who need to make it through tighter forest corridors and elevations.

Course map and tee signs in PDF can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

You can use tournament Google map for course locations.

Top open score played at this course (blue tees) at official events is 45, played by Mike Gordon (2nd Mars Springs, 2nd round, 12.3.2016., PDGA rated 1028).

Top women score is 56 what was achieved by Danica Pajtak (2nd Mars Springs, 1st round, 12.3.2016., PDGA rated 903) and Maja Šimenc (Blue League 2015, 4th round, 14.5.2015.)

The list of top 10 Open and Women scores can be donwloaded as a PDF document at the bottom of this page.